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The Alpha Leadership Project

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10th - 12th Grades

The Alpha Leadership Fraternity (ALF) is designed for 10th – 12th grade students. The students must complete the 9th grade Academy in order to be eligible for Fraternity membership. The Fraternity students are expected to serve as role models to the younger students and will participate in academic advisement, leadership exercises, and culturally enriching activities.

In the model of traditional college-based fraternities, the Alpha Leadership Fraternity will have official induction rites, standards of behavior, honor code, grade point average requirements, and solemn commitment to leadership, service and excellence.  Only boys who have completed the Personal Development component of the ALP will be eligible to join the fraternity.  Once inducted into the fraternity, members will participate in group activities, athletic events, study groups and they will enjoy the benefits of camaraderie, brotherhood and peer support.  The eligible 9th graders will be inducted at the end of their freshman high school year and remain in the fraternity until high school graduation, contingent on their adherence to the principles and codes of behavior as outlined in the fraternity charter.  

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